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Payment methods

Internet banking

Do payments, browse your account history or find products are just some of the many online features.

Mobile app

Rebrand our mobile app to offer your clients a complete internet banking app.


Do payments by sending sms keywords or other custom commands.


Cyclos can also be used using USSD commands on any phone.


Interactive Voice Response: do payments, get account and payment information by calling a number.


Pay with our app to a printed QR code. Or generate a QR code on our app to receive payments.


Multiple identifiers supported. E.g. pay to: name, email, phone number, account number or qr code.


Pay by holding an NFC card to an android device to do quick and secure payments.

Enterprise software

Scalable & reliable

Clusterable solution with high availability, load balancing & caching. Also available as docker image.

Open API

Interface with third party systems using the RESTful Web Services and Open API.

Highly configurable

Create a tailor made solution. Manage translations / content / configurations online and add your own features using the Cyclos scripting engine.


Strict implementation of security standards and guidelines such as defined by the ISO 27002, PCI and EBA. Security is the basis of the Cyclos architecture.

Banking features

Multiple currencies

Create multiple currencies and create accounts and transaction types for this currency.

Advanced payments

Pay to unregistered users (email/SMS), requests or schedule payments, payment authorizations, etc.

Multiple transaction types

Add payment fields and many rules to transactions. Such as PINless payment thresholds, max/min transaction amount, allowed on channels and user identification methods and much more.

Account & Transaction fees

Monthly contributions payments, demurrage, interest payments, flat or percentual transaction fees and custom fee calculations (with script extension point if needed).

And much more...


Complete e-commerce module: marketplace, webshop & shopping cart, promotional price, stock management and ad alerts.


Business directory on map, find business / products / services nearby, wordpress plugin with business directory.


Run you loyalty system using Cyclos including: e-vouchers, loyalty points, business referrals, cards, etc.


Easily add profile fields to users (14 available data types) and create records with custom fields.

Analytics & Reporting

Live payment wall and user balances monitoring. Reports on: payments, expenditures, income, user logins, percentages of non trading user, etc.

Custom passwords

One Time Password (OTP) by email/SMS, random virtual keyboard, fingerprint (app). Define your own custom password types.

Award winning software

As early as 2014 the payment industry awarded Cyclos at the TRANSACT conference for being the most innovative payment software.